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Runescape Gold nothing can practice everything I was practicing.

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Runescape Gold nothing can practice everything I was practicing.

Post  esabella on Wed 08 Jun 2011, 12:58

Into the game, you can ask a lot of direction, nothing can practice everything I was practicing. Runescape GoldWell, I entered the game started. Remember, where the flash (two key first and) on the point of which (one small flash map of the place, and second, the small panel below the map where surface flash.) First of all, is a training into the game off, here you do not intend to leveling, in order to complete it is. Flashing arrows first and talking to people, not reason, he said so****ing (side panel will flash during attention to the place, tap, and then, and this person said), Fast Moving on to see the arrow on the door, open the door out (right click open door). Outside there is a person (SurvivalExpert), who heads the arrow, and talk to him, he will give you an ax and Matchbox (now take note of control board plane, open the package), click on the ax, and then click on a tree, you will began cutting do** trees, and wait until your inventory with a pile of wood, click on the matchbox and then click the wood, you had a fire (where the control panel side note, click on it). At this time, and another man ***ut the head with an arrow, he gives you a fishing net, you went to the water's edge, where a shiny fishing shrimp, groan a (preferably one-time fishing two fish), went to have students a bunch of front of a fire, click on the shrimp, click on the fire, you begin to grill the shrimp. If you burn it, to re-come bake until golden bro**

shrimp can go out. Then pay attention to the upper right of the map of the game screen, where the arrow will prompt you to go. Click the cursor on the map, open the gate to see a house, through the herd. Open the door in, see a chef (Master Chef), and talk to him, he will give you a bucket of water and a can of flour. Click the bucket, then click the flour jar, so that the dough has emerged. Screen appears when the arrow, you click on the dough, then click the cursor to indicate where your people to do bread, well after (in which case take note of control board side, click on it) and cook talk he will give you new the same thing, do it again, this time you cook level will soar to two, went to the north side of the door. Indicator arrow on the map, open the door (where the control panel side note, click on it), here you have to open the control panel surface in the action bar, do a random action. (At this time take note of control board plane, click, choose "run on Energy" can run) along the road north, and then the next task to appear. North along the road, into another house. After entering and talk to the person inside

(note time control panel face, click here), he teaches you how to deal with some of the game in the Quest Journal, then to the place indicated by the arrow, do** the ladder into the mined. And mentor of the miners inside the words, see the arrow indicates where you go to the ore. Right click on the ore, select the second ****pect rock, went to another stone, the same repe***ion. Then look for the miners talk. He will give you mining the T-ho, you follow the arrows indicate the start of mining, ore dug 2, after the furnace before, click on any piece, and then click the melting pot, his synthesis of the copper block. Go back and find the miners. He will give you a hammer, you go to the arrow indicates the blacksmith saddle, click on the copper quickly, click the blacksmith saddle, a window appears, runescape moneyselect the dagger, you get him. Then, you can go to press the arrows to open the door to enter another zone


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